Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Life Layouts week 8 2012

I got week 8 done! I now have 6 more weeks to do. I tried something different this week. I did not use a template and shrank my pictures done more than I really like but I think it worked. I am hoping to find more time to scrap individual stories as well as get the weeks done. I know I need to get my year in review of 2004 done so I can order my Shutterfly book. Then on to 2003! I love looking back at past years. IT reminds me of how far we have some as a family. Tons of changes seem to happen every year. I have to mention if you have not noticed I am so addicted to memory keeping. I really like the shopping aspect of it too. Kip has told me that I cannot buy anything for a while. I need to find something that brings in a little money so I can support my scrapbook shopping addiction! There are always cool new kits coming out that I have to have because I have the perfect pictures to go with the kit!!! :) Anyway I am having fun and it is therapy for me so that is what I am going with when Kip says do not buy anything else!

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