Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was tired of bleeding so I went to the Dr. to have an ultrasound to find out why. This was before my 20 week ultrasound. The placenta had been over my cervix so I was bleeding occasionally. While there i asked Darla if she would just look to see if it was a boy or girl. I have no patience at all! IT IS A BOY! My first thought was that Brevan is gonna have a little brother to play with! That is perfect. Then I thought well we will not look even now. I had to mourn a little for a girl, just a teeny bit. I am grateful this baby is looking healthy and perfect! I am excited to see what he looks like and who he will be. Who will he favor? Aliyah has said she wants him to look like she did. I think any way he will be the cutest little thing!

I went and bought an outfit for the baby in blue to show the guys at home what we are having. Kip had to work and was not able to come to this appointment. I took the outfit home and gathered everyone around. I let Caleb pull the outfit out of the bag. He was way too excited to know! He wanted a brother. Caleb pulled it out and they all cheered even Lyndsey who had really wanted a sister this time around.

You are definitely a boy!

I love how you are sucking your thumb!

We are all so happy to have you come down to our family baby! We might be loud and crazy sometimes but you will be absolutely loved and cherished by us all!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I love this picture! Wishing they could be outside!

We did finally get outside after bundling up!

This is the first snow that Brevan has really played in.

He thought it was too cold to touch without gloves!

We decided to wait outside until the girls got home from school. I am glad it was only a few minutes because I was freezing!

Brevan was so excited the girls were home! I too am glad when they get home as well. Love my kids and having them around me!

I am glad I am doing a p 365 album because I have not looked at these pictures since I downloaded them. I have got to start printing more. Just wish it was not sooo expensive. I need to start taking advantage of sales when the prints are 10 cents or less. I also need to print my layouts more.