Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It hardly ever rains here in Idaho Falls but I did manage to get this cool shot of a full half circle rainbow the one time it did rain enough to produce a rainbow. It was amazing!

Friday, April 6, 2012

With shadows or without?

                                              Without Shadows
                                               With Shadows

I cannot decide which I like and need some input. With or Without? I like the depth but am I shadowing appropriately? I need to look up some tutorials I think but I would love any comments letting me know which you like better. Thanks!

Project Life Layouts week 8 2012

I got week 8 done! I now have 6 more weeks to do. I tried something different this week. I did not use a template and shrank my pictures done more than I really like but I think it worked. I am hoping to find more time to scrap individual stories as well as get the weeks done. I know I need to get my year in review of 2004 done so I can order my Shutterfly book. Then on to 2003! I love looking back at past years. IT reminds me of how far we have some as a family. Tons of changes seem to happen every year. I have to mention if you have not noticed I am so addicted to memory keeping. I really like the shopping aspect of it too. Kip has told me that I cannot buy anything for a while. I need to find something that brings in a little money so I can support my scrapbook shopping addiction! There are always cool new kits coming out that I have to have because I have the perfect pictures to go with the kit!!! :) Anyway I am having fun and it is therapy for me so that is what I am going with when Kip says do not buy anything else!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Project Life Layouts

I was able to finish another week of Project Life. I tend to focus more on the photos than anything else. I do add journaling but I take more than one photo a day so I feel like I need to include them all. I used Valorie Wibbens Pockets and Jen Barrette's kit for this two page layout from February. WE had alot going on with Jakob and Aliyah's birthdays. The both had friend parties. Caleb performed in his drama class play. He was really amazing. (I am not saying that just because I am his mom). We made crafts for Valentine's. I had a friend bring over dinner one day that I felt awful. How grateful I am for Sister Hansen listening to the Spirit and acting on His prompting to help me! Life is so much better with friends and family!