Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lyndsey's Birthday

We went to the Tauphaus Park Zoo for Lyndsey's birthday. She had the best time seeing all of the animals again! She was really excited to show Brevan the animals. He was happy to point to them all and got excited when any came close to the glass. I think the funniest thing was a baby penguin that came to Jakob. He held out his hand to the penguin and it came right up to him  begging for food! It did this really weird head shake and noise. He got really close but we told him that he could not touch it of course. They bite really hard! Brevan was mesmerized by the tiger! He sat there and watched it for as long as we stayed by the pen. I was able to get a picture of the kids on the tiger except for Jakob, he is too cool for those kinds of photos now he said! Funny boy, hope he gets over being older soon! We had fun being together and talking about the animals. I took the kids to Wendys because it was 40 cent night. Kip and I had Bajios again! I love being with my family and especially love doing things with the kids, I am not ready for school to start. There are still so many things we want to go do together! They have a week then school starts! So sad!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oregon Adventure

We had the best time in Oregon. We had to stop at least once an hour for Brevan to get out of the van and run around! He traveled very well considering he is 19 months old! We stopped at this rest stop just inside Oregon and had lunch! Brevan was so excited to run around and wanted to help Kip with whatever he was doing!

I made a mistake about which road to take after going thru Sisters. It turned out to be a great mistake. We had the best vantage point to see the caldera. It was amazing!
Our first morning at the beach everyone threw on the bathing suits except Kip Brevan and I, too cold for our us, and headed to the beach! The kids had a blast runnning around picking up treasures and digging in the sand. Brevan really wanted to get in the water and at first we tried to preven thim, but soon realized he was determined to get wet. we finally headed to the showers to get ready for the day and head to the aquarium after Brevan dove head first into the water. He had enough when he got to cold!Caleb loved finding gross things to look at!Aliyah collected every shell she could find.Brevan loved picking things up and throwing them.The boys had to dig a hole that got filled back in when a sneaker wave came up to high!We had fun at the aqaurium touching things and seeing things we had only seen on TV before! I will post more photos later.