Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have not posted in quite a while! I have been busy and lost my camera cord. I have not been able to find it so I bought another one.So here are a few pictures. We had a freind take some family shots. The kids did not cooperate very well so this one is the best we could get. We bought Brevan a musical table and all of the kids play with it with him. He loves it and makes a little dance when he makes the music come on. Lyndsey went to the pumpkin farm with her class. Had a great time! She knew immediately which one she wanted. Caleb and Brevan play a new game. Caleb shoots his ball gun and Brevan goes scooting after every one. He comes back and helps Caleb reload them. They are so cute together. I made rolls and Jakob ate almost every one! He loves them of course he only eats the insides and leaves the crust. He is so funny!Well we aredoing okay. I just seem to not be able to keep up with everything now that I work three days a week plus a sat and month end. I have started taking my vitamins again. Hope they work! Anyway hope you all are doing well! Love MElissa