Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aliyah Playing Basketball

                                          Kip Aidan and Jakob enjoying Aliyah's game!
                                                      Lyndsey having fun with the ball.
                                          Aliyah is doing much better than I thought. I am so proud of her for trying something new. She is having so much fun playing. It is funny how girly she can be and yet so tough at times. I am having a ton of fun as well. I am not a fan of professional sports so I was not sure how I would enjoy watching her. As it happens, I am right there screaming right along with the other parents when she does well and yelling advice to the players! I know it is all in good fun so I make sure to cheer for everyone. It is hard to see her team get beaten every week, but it is good to see her play and learn life is not always about winning but doing. I hope she learns the value of hard work and practice. Those are the things that are truly important!

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