Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It seems a million years ago since these pictures were taken! I remember this day though. We were rehearsing a musical at the Saenger Theater and we were bored because our parts had not been rehearsing for a little while. Patricia Fred and I decided to take some funny pictures. I had so much fun posing with Patricia while Fred took our photos. Patricia was my best friend and loved ballet and all things musical.  I had dated Fred but cannot remember if we were still dating at this time. They were my closest friends. I look back and think wow! I was in great shape. I remember thinking how I needed to loose about 10 pounds or so for ballet. I also wanted no chest. It is funny how we are all to close to be able to see ourselves objectively most of the time. I wish I had that ability right now while I am pregnant with my sixth child. So far I have not been able to exercise as much as I have wanted because of bleeding. Now that the bleeding has stopped I plan on doing mild exercise everyday and to try not to worry about what I look like. I know I will get back into excellent shape and who knows I just might dance again en pointe. The sacrifice I am making for this baby will be worth it. I am excited to hold my newborn baby in September sometime. I am grateful to have these pictures to look back on and enjoy. To know I was capable of great things even though I did not pursue a career in ballet, that I could have and did have offers to prestigious schools. It makes me content with my life now to know I chose the more fulfilling path for me personally. No amount of applause could ever replace the sweet little arms of my children hugging me and their tiny little kisses on my cheeks. I have the best of both worlds, the ability to dance still when I can and children who fulfill my need for adoration! How lucky I am to have such a life and grateful to have been able to have children, even with the fertility problems I have had. This post has been about so much more than my dance photos but they projected down this thought path of where my life has gone and how I feel about it. Hope you enjoy my ramblings here!

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