Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am now 14 weeks pregnant

Here I am 14 weeks pregnant. I have gained about 8 pounds, all of it seems is fat right in my belly! I have not been exercising as much since I started to bleed earlier in my pregnancy. I have been too nervous thinking I might miscarry. I almost lost Brevan by exercising heavily when I was first pregnant with him. I do not want to have such a scare this time around. I have been feeling good mostly but some days are harder than others. I am just going to have faith that the post partum depression does not come back while I am pregnant this time. I do wonder if I will start to exercise again or if I am going to be lazy. I really need to get myself motivated to exercise. I do not want to gain all the weight I just lost back again. I find out on May 12th what we are having. I really do not care but a girl would be nice. I think Brevan might like a brother to play with, but he plays well with Lyndsey and Aliyah now. Caleb even will get down and play with Brevan on the floor still. Jakob is less likey to play what Brevan wants but includes him in big brother stuff. The children are so excited. Lyndsey especially since she is in question mode right now, keeps asking "Mom what do you think it will be?" I tell her whatever it is. She replies that she wants it to be a girl! She is dead set that it has to be a girl. She tells me that Brevan can play with a girl right mom? Aliyah wants a girl too but it does not seem to matter as much to her. The boys really have no opinion but when they pray they ask Heavenly Father for the baby just to be healthy. I have such a wonderful family! I am in such a wonderful place in life right now. I just hope I can continue to be grateful for it, when the sleepless night roll around with a newborn again. I tell Kip "how am I going to do it." He tells me he knows I can do it, since I breastfeed I am the one getting up all night not him. So far I have not had much luck with any of the kids taking a bottle when they are newborn, so I usually do not get any relief from Kip taking over until he comes home from work. Then I take a nap! He has been so wonderful taking care of our children when they are so tiny. He is such a good Daddy!

Well enough for now! It is getting late and I am tired! Till next time.

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Belnap Family said...

How am I going to do it, seems to be the main question on my mind too these days! Somehow we just do. I like your picture, you look very pretty! Hope you found some good maternity clothes!