Thursday, January 27, 2011


Can anyone say "What a miracle this is!" I cannot believe we are really pregnant! I had my tubes tied right after Brevan's delivery. I did not think we were going to have any more children. I think Heavenly Father had a different idea! It has to be divine intervention because the ultrasound I had to confirm I really was pregnant and where the pregnancy was showed my tubes still being clamped. The doctor says that they could have grown back together just enough to let this little baby thru! Even though I am shocked beyond all reason I am happy about it! Brevan will have a playmate to keep him company. I was not quite at my weight loss goal, but I am hoping to be able to continue to exercise thru this pregnancy. It will make it easier to get it off after the baby is born. Kip thinks it will be a boy, which is funny for him to have a definite idea. He never had an idea with any of the other children. I do not really care just as long as things go well and I get a healthy baby in the end! Well I will keep this updated as I find out more! Wish me luck!

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Mommy Cracked said...

I know I already wished you congratulations on Facebook, but wow...I had no idea your tubes had been tied!! That is incredible! What a miracle! So happy for y'all!