Monday, January 3, 2011

Here is my entry for the best photo of 2010! I took this on New Year's Eve. I have been wanting to get good close ups of Brevan. I decided to use my telephoto lense so he was not really aware I was taking his photo! He actually looked at me while I was taking photos without me having to jump around and be silly! I love how this one turned out! He looks so very angelic to me, but he can be such a stinker at times! He likes to pinch me to get my attention when I am involved in scrapbooking or whatever! Gotta love my two year old! I am so blessed!


MrsMama said...

What a sweet shot! Those boys can be tricky to capture. I know mine ducks and runs whenever he sees the camera! :)

chasity said...

so sweet

Dot O said...

Adorable photo - love the processing and the warm light!