Sunday, March 16, 2008

These latest pictures are from our visit to our new house,kip went snow shoeing, and we amde peanut butter cookies. we had fun mixing the ingredients and caleb just had to amke a big cookie. he likes to make different shapes. he thought he would try to make a big cookie. it turned out pretty well. we got stuffed on peanut butter cookies. lyndsey said they were her new favorite. we had not made them for quite some time. i have been trying to lose weight and have not baked many things lately. I would like to lose maybe five more pounds. we went to our house and got so excited to see the shingles on the roof. the framing is coming along great as well. we can imagine more what things are going to be like now. We are so happy to see so much progress. it still seems so amazing we are getting a new house! time for bed forme so will update more later.

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