Thursday, March 13, 2008


I need to tellyou about the photos i posted in the slideshows. the first is from when we went ot the build a buddy place. it is like build a bear. aliyah got a gift certificate for her birthday and wanted to go make a buddy. she was so excited she wanted to go before she went to kindergarten but i toldher she had to wait until after school. school got out and the first thing she said was" are we going!" i told her of course. lyndsey wantedt o build a buddy but the boys were a little hesitant. thinking they were to old! i encouraged them this might be the last time thay nmight even come close to being little anymore so i told them do it! caleb was still not convinced. he did not want any of his friends to know! he finally changed his mind and of course they both picked the most masculine thing they could find. aliyah instantly knew which she wanted. the unicorn! Lyndsey changed her mind everytime i showed her a new animal. finally i lifted out an orange kitty cat and that was it for her! they had so much fun filling wishing and dressing their buddies. what a great time!

the other pictures are from the girls playing with modeling clay i bought from roberts on clearance (of course)! They made all kinds of things with the templates that came in the bucket. it also came with google eyes. the other pics in this group are from family home evening. we decided to read the scripture from d&c 27 that talks about the whole armour of god. it was fun letting them pick out the color of the paper they wanted to use. lyndsey loves pink aliyah decided yellow was good this time. she always is changing her favorite color. jakob chose green of course his all time favorite and caleb chose red of course he likes blue too. i tried the best i could to fit the paper on them. i did not find any patterns to follow so we just measured and stuck on with tape. it was lots of fun! we read the scripture and talked about what the pieces were for and how they could protect us out in the world. i love having a family. until next time~

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