Monday, January 23, 2012

Aidan is 4 months old!

It does not seem like four months have passed by but Aidan is 4 months old today. He is such a wonderful little bubba! He is happy most of the time and such a sweet heart. He likes to smile at us and has a funny high pitched laugh. I am so happy to have him! It has been hard work but when it is fun it is worth it! I am now feeling better by taking more of my medication. That makes life so much more pleasant and less overwhelming. I especailly feel for all of you dealing with depression as well. My prayers are with you! Aidan also rolled over for the first time today. I was surprised when he was on his tummy and just rolled onto his back. He does not get alot of tummy time because everyone picks him up when he even fusses just a little bit. I keep telling them mainly Lyndsey to leave him alone because he is fine and will never learn to crawl. I do not think she believes me because she picks him up anyway. He is still mostly bald and it does not look like he will grow hair anytime soon. I am looking forward to the next four months and especially taking more pictures of him!

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Mommy Cracked said...

He is so precious! You are so blessed!! I am so glad to hear you are taking care of YOU, too. Take care! (Mandy)