Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photography Contest Photos

These are the photos I entered into the Idaho Falls Magazines 2012 contest! I am so excited to see of I win!
                                       I took this as Aidan was lifted out of my belly by c-section.
                                    I got this shot of Aliyah on the slip and slide in the backyard
                                    This is of my Orchid that bloomed. It had a ton of flowers on it!
                                     This is of Brevan down by the train tracks. He loves trains!
                                      I took this of my neice this summer. I ove how they turned out!
                                    This is of a grasshopper on my corn in the back yard this summer
                     My flowers that Kip bought when I found out we were pregnant for the sixth time!
                             My tubes had been tied but we still were able to get pregnant some how!
                             I love the snow when it has just fallen. This morning I was lucky to get the
                                            snow on this tree before it melted in the sun!

               I love photography and hope to get more awesome shots in 2012. One day I WILL be a                                        professional and get paid to do what I love!


Kellie said...

SO good!

Belnap Family said...

Those are all such beautiful photos Melissa!