Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Birthdays

We have a lot of birthday's in February. I am posting some pictures of Jakob and Aliyah's friend birthdays here on my blog. I still have a hard time thinking that Jakob is really 15 now! His voice is deeper and he is taller than me! That part is not so hard but it makes me realize he is growing up and I am not quite ready for it. He can now get a learners permit to drive. I know he is a good driver and I will not need to worry about that, but it seems to be difficult letting him grow up. He is my firstborn and gets to do everything first so I never know quite what to expect. Aliyah on the other hand turned 9! She had a ton of friends over to the house and they played games for her birthday. She was so excited about having everyone over and what fun they were going to have. She is by far my most social child. She is getting older but still enjoys playing with Lyndsey with the Littlest Pet Shop. She has not been into dolls or Barbies since she was about three. I am so grateful to have such wonderful children who make my life complete. They are such a blessing to have. I just want to enjoy this time and each stage as it comes.

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