Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here we are in the van going up to Mack's Inn. It was hard enough with Brevan to drive up there. The dvd player really helped but I do not know what we are thinking to drive all the way to the Oregon coast with him!  I hope that he does well and is happy most of the time. It will be worth the pain because we have so many fun things planned for Oregon. I am especially looking forward to petting baby tigers again! I am planning on taking lots of pit stops so he can get out to play and stretch his legs! He is so funny and so cute! I do not think I have mentioned how grateful I am that we got pregnant with him on my blog! He makes life fun and full! On another note Caleb is at Scout camp. I thought it was bad tha Jakob went for three days. Caleb is going to be gone a whole six days. It is so hard to have them gone. It is not a welcome break for me. I lvoe having my children around no matter how loud or crazy they get. Which they get pretty loud and crazy seeing that Kip and I are their parents how could they not be! I will be so glad for Caleb to get home and then we will be off to Oregon for a week or so. I am looking forward to the change of scenery. We have not really gone much of anywhere since I got pregnant with Brevan. I do not have awesome pregnancies so usually do not like to travel while pregnant. I am so excited and will definitely post pictures of Oregon on here. I just hope that all goes well getting there etc. Until next time! Melissa

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