Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have not posted for a while. i have been very busy! Well Caleb has started his football games and is having a blast! He is so good too! We now have brick on our house and the wood floors and tile floors have been put in. Yeah! Aliyah has been riding her bike like crazy. She has so much fun riding around the circle. The craziest news of all is that I have found out I am pregnant again! I got pregnant with an IUD and had it taken out. Now we are just waiting until the baby is big enough to be able to tell where it is. whether it is ectopic or if it is in the uterus. I am praying that the baby is in the right place! I am not sure about having another baby but I will get used to the idea soon enough! Well I better go it is getting late but will try to update you again soon please pray for me and hope the baby is in the right place! love you all, Melissa!

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